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Cashcrate - Get Paid For Taking Paid Surveys Online!

What is Cashcrate?

Cashcrate is a "GPT" (Get-Paid-To) site for anyone OVER 13. If you are not over 13 then this Cashcrate won't be able to help you on your Money Making Quest! Unlike many survey sites Cashcrate is open to people ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD. This is probably why it's such a successful website. You can join it where ever you live. Cashcrate has members in the United States, right over to people in Australia. The best countries for it are USA, Canada and the UK as they have the most offers and surveys, however many more offers and surveys are available around the globe and every country can benefit from its referral system. Cashcrate offers you money in several different ways:

# By taking offers.
# By taking surveys.
# Bonuses
# Getting referrals

Also it has a points system which are earnt by playing games, doing offers and more. These points can then be redeemed for prizes.

Why choose Cashcrate over other GPT systems?

# It's not a scam - proven easily if you look at the many good reviews it has (my story of using it is here along with my one for freebiejeebies.). Also you can have a look at the Proof Page if still unsure.

# Also it is 100% free, and no credit card or details like that are needed. One of my favourite things about them, is how you don't recieve anything through your door from
them other then your cheques!

# You only have to be 13 to use it.

# It is available to pretty much every country.

# It rewards better then most GPT Sites. Cashcrate is know widely for its GREAT REWARDS. Please note that for high paying offers a credit card might be necessary but no offers or surveys are ever forced on you.

#Its not "dodgy". In other words it won't send direct you to inappropiate sites, its forums are well monitored and safe and it doesn't send virus's.

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